Serviced Apartments Near Cardiff

Planning to spend your holidays in Cardiff? New Year is just around the corner and you are probably done with your Christmas shopping. Your bags are packed and the kids are ready to go. Suddenly, you get a call from the hotel you booked your rooms in, saying your booking has been cancelled. No matter how much you argue, they just wouldn’t reveal the reason why.

Disheartened, you sit down and decide how to break the news to the kids. There is no way that you will find another hotel room on such short notice, but there is still a way. Why not go for serviced apartments near Cardiff? This type of accommodation has been on the rise for quite a while now because it’s better and more affordable than individual hotel rooms. Think about all the money you could save by living in such a place. You can spend the rest on shopping and buying souvenirs.

Let’s have a look at why serviced apartments near Cardiff make for such a good accommodation option during the holidays:

Ideal Location – Commute Convenience

We have already established that serviced apartments are affordable. At less than £100/day, you get the whole place to yourself, which includes a room for yourself and your wife and kids, a living room with an LCD screen and other entertainment options, a kitchen with all the modern appliances and a luxury bathroom.

Moreover, the place is ideally located in the centre of the city, which puts you closer to tourist sites. A few amazing sights that you should definitely see while in Manchester include:

Cardiff Castle

First up on the list is the historical site—Cardiff Castle. Within its fairy-tale towers and walls, you will find a rich history that dates back 2,000 years. This place is definitely worth the visit, so dedicate an entire day to it because there is much to see. Start with a house tour and watch the colourful displays in various rooms and then explore the wartime shelters that are tunnels underground. In this holiday season, enjoy the special Christmas Cinema where the three classics Christmas films will be aired— Home Alone, Elf and Gremlins.

The Clink

While there are thousands of restaurants that will offer you a 5-course meal, we suggest that you pay a visit to The Clink. This restaurant is so popular because it is located in Cardiff Prison. The cooks and servers here are prisoners, who want to become better people. So, give them a new beginning by spending your money where it matters. Plus, we have heard that the food here is pretty excellent.

National Museum Cardiff

For the kids, why not got the National Museum Cardiff? The place offers various exhibits that include Wales’s national art, geology collections, gigantic dinosaurs (really), impressionist paintings and natural history. There are even temporary exhibitions that are set up every now and then, so make sure to read up on them on their website.

Quay Serviced apartments near Cardiff offers various other benefits too such as 24/7 concierge service, privacy, maid service, stocked kitchen (can be done on request) and welcome pack that includes free toiletries, tea and coffee. Does this sound better to you than staying at a hotel and paying thousands of pounds? So, better keep your bags packed because your vacation is just about to start.

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