Hotels Near ICC Newport

Hotels near ICC Newport-How Quays Aparthotels in Newport Differs From Other Hotels

If you are planning this year’s vacation at Newport, Wales, then you are in for a treat. The first thing about going to another country for the holidays is choosing the right hotel. The smell of new sheets, chocolates on the pillows, quality amenities in the bathroom and prompt customer service is what everyone looks for. This is why Quays Aparthotels near ICC Newport are way better than any other luxury hotel.

The location of the hotel is the next thing that should be in the top 5 things to look into before booking a room. The more tourist sites nearby, the easier it will be for you to visit places. Moreover, you will save money on commute and get to visit more places in your budget. After all, the fun is in collecting souvenirs from the places you have visited.

Benefits of Living at a Quays Aparthotels

One of the best things about Quays Aparthotels is that you are waited on hand and foot by the staff. These hotels pride themselves on offering the best customer service so that a person’s stay is as comfortable as possible. From room service to self-catering and few minutes’ walk to big restaurant, hence we offer everything. The luxurious services offered by us are unmatched by any other hotel, which is what puts us at the top.

Hotels Near ICC NewportOn the other hand, many other apartment hotels fall short on all these. Following are a few more benefits of living at Quays Aparthotels near ICC Newport:

  • Quays Aparthotels have self-catering
  • Other hotels might not be so close to the city center and the tourist sights (all the good locations are picked out fast)
  • The pricing for most hotels is higher than Quays Aparthotels

Tourist Sites in Newport

The Riverfront Theatre and Arts Centre

Masterpieces are to be created in solitude, so that the world can appreciate them. That is what this artcenter offers. From film screenings to workshops and professional performances of every kind, this center offers you the best of all worlds. The visual art gallery is a must-see and you can check out the dance studio to see the fluids of movements of dancers as they perform gravity defying jumps and moves.

Newport Museum and Art Gallery

Come and find out the rich history of Newport at this museum which is located near Quays Aparthotels. Since 1888, this museum has been collecting pieces of art that portray this colorful city in the past. With 4 departments that include archaeology, social history, natural history and art, you will find wonderful objects and displays showing how people in this city lived 200 years ago.

Wales Millennium Center

You can’t miss this beautiful site with its striking steel structure and slate. Called “The Armadillo” because of the copper color, the center hosts a number of performances and concerts in the theatre. There are also restaurants and cafes on site. So, enjoy a show in this vibrant atmosphere and end your day with a lovely dinner before heading to your Quays Aparthotels.

Cardiff International White Water

Love sports activities? Then make your way to rural Wales for a fun and daring adventure. This place is located near two famous urban landmarks in Wales. So, grab your family or friends and crash through rapid waves while water rafting or canoeing.

Fourteen Locks

Showing you the engineering wonder that marks Industrial Revolution, this place takes you on a trip in the canal, where people are even a chance to operate the locks. Then there’s the wildlife corridor that gives you an amazing view of many bird species, as well as reptiles and amphibians.

There are many other wonderful sights in Newport such as the Wetlands Reserve, The Escape Rooms, The Neon, Newport Cathedral, etc., all of which are located within near distance of Quays Aparthotels and ICC Newport. The above five only cover the basics and most visited places in Newport and Cardiff. They are the ones people flock to, to see the wonders that this city has to offer. For further information please call us on: 01633386619 or email us:

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