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Luxury Serviced Apartments in the Right Location

Salford Quay is the region of Salford, Greater Manchester, England which is situated towards the end of Manchester Ship Canal. Quays being the Great Manchester’s exceptional and a unique water front is an exclusive place to visit. Salford Quays has a series of a world class residential, cultural and business facilities making it a place of great national and regional significance.

Quay Apartments are the best choice when it comes to choosing hotels near old Trafford. We offer you luxurious and affordable serviced apartments in Salford, which will help you, enjoy your holiday.  We are one of the handful of hotels near old Trafford that complement your stay with a list of services such as:-

· Weekly Cleaning of the apartments

· Laundry Services as and when required

· 24 hrs premises assistance

· Security for your pricey possessions and belongings

Salford Quay is a unique part of Greater Manchester, England which attracts tourist of both kinds. It is one of the few places that attract people for leisure trips with their families; and business travellers at the same time. Finding good a hotel in old Trafford that offers you comfort at an affordable price is not that difficult any more.

Our Serviced apartments in Salford are particularly designed to make sure they offer an environment where you feel comfortable. We have equipped our apartments with a series of latest gadgets and equipments to make sure that you are always at ease while travelling. Along with this high speed internet, wireless connectivity is also available to keep you connected and updated with the rest of the world.

Availing a facility which offers you luxury and comfort with a price tag that fits right into your budget is the first choice of travellers and we at Quay Apartments are the first choice of many people when it comes to quality accommodation facility because they get a comfort zone while travelling at a price which is absolutely unbelievable.

We are the best when it comes to hotels near old Trafford as our serviced apartments are consecrated with a connectivity that gives you the ease to explore Salford. We always make sure that you are equipped with luxury, comfort and elegance being easily connected with Salford at the same time.

Our serviced apartments are located at an amazing location just a few minutes away from the heart of Manchester. Quay Apartments are located in close proximity to shopping complexes, movie theatres, museums, parks and many food courts and outlets. It becomes extremely trouble-free to access all the major spots in Manchester. It becomes simply easy to explore the city to its fullest as the location of our Serviced Apartments in Salford serves as an advantage.

Living in our serviced apartments in Manchester is all about enhancing your travelling experience and adds an advantage as far as communing is concerned.

The location promises to offer you a beautiful and an enjoyable environment. We make sure that you get a soothing feeling while living in our serviced apartments in Salford.  We also make sure that you are exposed to an unmatched level of comfort at a price which will not disturb your travel budgets.

You can get in touch with us via phone and book your self an amazing serviced apartment in Salford, which is luxurious, elegant, comforting and affordable at the same time. Simply dial 0843-289-2949.