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Advantage of aparthotels over hotels

Advantage of aparthotels over hotels

(Industry news)

Aparthotels stands for apartment hotels, for some people there is lot of confusion in the name of the aparthotel industry.Over the past one decade aparthotel accommodations are increasingly becoming new trend for businesses and guests who are solely for leisure trips. Aparthotel is just another name that is designed for corporates, leisure and holiday housing residences.

Aparthotels are fully equipped and well-furnished hotel like apartments; sometimes they are far better than hotels in terms of customer services, privacy and pricing and mostly booked for short and long stays.

The name apartment is derived from America, and over the time that has been adopted in all over the world, so does in UK as well. However, in America it is considered a middle ground between hotels and serviced apartments, whereas in UK it is perceived as luxurious or higher end stay that caters to all type of customers.

According to British hospitality association (BHA) Aparthotel industry is hailed as a core part of hospitality industry and one of the fastest and growing segments of the entire hospitality industry.

According to Savills, aparthotel industry is set to boom, currently aparthotels only account for 3 percent of theUK’s total bed supply, but as time goes by its set to capture significant market share in years to come.

Choosing aparthotels is often critical and wise decision. Choosing quay apartments Manchester may also be your wise decision considering following aspects:

Access to all Manchester attractions:

Quay aparthotels Manchester provides you greater access to all major attractions in the city such as shopping centre, restaurants, fitness clubs and of course loads of pubs around.

Variety of aparthotels to choose from:

You do have the option to choose from our many apartments complexes depends on your accommodation needs.

Peace of mind:

Quay aparthotels offer complete peace of mind as they are situated in the heart of Salford Quays media city, which is one of the posh areas of Greater Manchester. Most celebrities tend to stay here in this area due to proximity of Manchester United football stadium and BBC.

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