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Why Choose Aparthotels

Aparthotels Manchester- Why Choose Aparthotels for Your Next Holiday in Manchester, UK

As the cultural and commercial capital of Lancashire, Manchester stands out as an exceptional destination for your holiday. If you’re considering a vacation at Aparthotels Manchester with your family, this city is an absolute must-visit, boasting an array of wonderful tourist sites. Discover the charm of Manchester while experiencing the comfort and convenience of Aparthotels, making your stay truly memorable.

And when it comes to trip planning, accommodation is often a top concern. Hotels can be quite expensive, especially when you need individual rooms for your kids, yourself, and your spouse. The costs can soar up to £300, and typically, the complimentary breakfast buffet offered is limited and often on a “first come, first serve” basis. This is where Aparthotels stand out. Why choose Aparthotels? They provide spacious and comfortable accommodations, ensuring everyone has their own space while offering more value for your money compared to traditional hotels.

What is an Aparthotel?

An Aparthotel is a serviced apartment that offers you the same comfort and facilities that you have at home. From a fully stocked kitchen with appliances to entertainment options, furnished rooms and clean bathrooms, this accommodation option can be used by families as wells as business people.

Let’s have a look at why Quay Aparthotels Manchester is a better choice for vacation accommodation:

Affordable Aparthotels Manchester

Typically, a serviced apartment costs from £50 to £150 for a day and offers luxury accommodation for 2 adults and 2 kids. By booking the Aparthotel in advance and for more than a month, you can also get a special discount.

Aparthotels Manchester Privacy Policy

A hotel room is like a revolving door. While you are out, the maid service is called in so that you don’t get disturbed when you are relaxing. This often seems like a breach of privacy. On the other hand, in Quay Aparthotels Manchester, the maid service is available once a week and even then in your presence. You can safely leave your belongings inside the apartment when you are out and about exploring with your family.

Homey Feeling

A serviced apartment is fully furnished and even has a fully functional kitchen with all the modern appliances. So, you can cook a decent home meal and save money while you are on a trip. You can even entertain guests as you do at home.

24/7 Concierge Service

Need anything? Call the concierge service and they will always be there to help.

Ideally Located

You can find Quay Aparthotels Manchester just a small distance away from your favourite sites. This provides easy access to commute, which is the biggest concern of travellers.


Discover a myriad of captivating sights and experiences just moments away from Quay Aparthotels Manchester. Immerse yourself in the vibrant tapestry of this bustling city, where cultural landmarks, historical sites, entertainment hubs, and culinary delights await your exploration.

Museum of Science and Industry (MOSI)

The MOSI hosts the world’s oldest site of railroad station. There are 12 galleries, amongst which some of the popular include the Vintage Cars made in Manchester and the Power Hall that has on display steam and water driven machines. The Air and Space Gallery hosts numerous historic aircraft such as the 1st British plane that flew successfully.

Manchester Art Gallery

Outside of London, the Manchester Art Gallery has the largest collection of art. It includes the works of Pre-Raphaelites, who belonged to the 17th century and were known as Flemish Masters, and French impressionists such as Monet, Manet, and Gauguin. There are various other pieces belonging to English artists such as Turner, Constable, and Stubbs.

China Town

The Chinese community in Manchester has built its own Chinatown. The entire area is richly decorated with arched gateways, bright colors, and numerous restaurants and shops. You can enjoy traditional Chinese cuisine here and their artworks and handicrafts from the Centre for Contemporary Chinese Art.

With so many benefits, the major being the affordable price, Quay Aparthotels Manchester is definitely the best accommodation option you should choose for your vacation.

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FAQs Why Choose Aparthotels

What exactly is an Aparthotel?

Aparthotels blend the comfort of home with the convenience of hotel amenities, offering spacious accommodations equipped with kitchenettes or full kitchens, ideal for both short and extended stays.

What are the advantages of staying in an Aparthotel?

Aparthotels provide the flexibility of self-catering along with hotel-like services such as housekeeping, reception, and often, access to facilities like gyms and lounges.

What facilities and amenities can I expect in a Manchester Aparthotel?

Most Aparthotels offer a range of amenities including fully equipped kitchens, living areas, Wi-Fi, on-site laundry, and sometimes access to additional services like fitness centers or meeting rooms.

Are Aparthotels suitable for families or larger groups?

Absolutely! Aparthotels are well-suited for families or groups as they offer spacious accommodations with multiple bedrooms, separate living areas, and the convenience of home-like amenities.

Do Aparthotels in Manchester provide flexible booking options?

Many Aparthotels offer flexible booking options, allowing guests to choose the length of their stay and providing cancellation policies that cater to changing travel plans.

How do Aparthotel prices compare to traditional hotels?

Generally, Aparthotel rates can be more cost-effective, especially for longer stays, as they offer amenities for self-catering, reducing dining-out expenses.

Are Aparthotels centrally located in Manchester?

Aparthotels in Manchester are strategically placed, often situated in prime locations within the city or near major attractions, providing convenient access to explore the area.

Is there a difference between Aparthotels and serviced apartments?

While both offer similar amenities, serviced apartments typically focus more on long-term stays, while Aparthotels cater to both short and extended stays, providing hotel-like services.