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Glimpse of Hospitality Industry

Serviced Apartments” for Extended and Comfortable Stay

In 21stcentury, the definition of servitude is changing. If you want to feel thedifference, then, hire a “Serviced apartment” in Manchester and feel the difference yourself. Serviced apartments are certainly changing the standards of hospitality and bringing it closer to the regular regional local courtesy.

Hospitality Is Rooted in Our Culture

The concept of “hotel”came into existence in Japan in 717 AD in Hoshi Ryo. Prior to this, local hospitality was greeting the guests. This was the first time probably when they started putting price on everything that you are getting during your stay. The beginning of 19th century saw a rise in the hotel trade when intercontinental trade started picking up with new speed. Currently, we have international chain of hotels catering to the world, creating uniform service layers, and setting similar standards across the world.

Recession of 2008 Acted As the Leveler for “Serviced Apartments” and Hotels

Particularly in the case of Manchester and many other parts of the world; the residential real estate and hotel industry changed as a result of 2008 recession. This time, things fell down from the peak, and most people began to pick serviced apartments over hotels due to pricing and similar comfort available in both categories.

Concept of Holiday Homes Reinvented with a New Pinch of Best Quality Servitude

Serviced Apartments” are a new positive twist in the tale of “Holiday homes”. Let us give the due credit to the star category hotels for setting new parameters of hospitality. “Service apartments” picked up the leaf from the place where hotels left it. It was a challenge in front of them to give a personal and exclusive touch to their services and they did it quite nicely.

Hospitality Once Again Came Out of the Manuals and Personal Touches Made It Special

Hotels tried to bring in a standard into the services. They successfully created a culture of hygiene and hospitality, which is uniform in the world. However, following a hospitality manual can make things monotonous. This is where “Serviced apartments” scored considerably. “Serviced apartments” are economic in the terms of offering services. You can choose services as per your choice and save a fair deal of money from the deal.

Business Model of “Serviced Apartments” Is Designed for the Economy

Check out the interpersonal conversations of business travelers and you might find phrases like “hiring a serviced apartment is as good as going for a long term lease”; lease becomes a liability after a point of time; because, on an average, you are paying on everyday basis. While hiring a “serviced apartment” is a matter of choice; it is not liability; it is a “value for money” preposition.

Even Business Executives Love to Cook Sometimes

Here, you need to understand the meaning of convenience; what is a convenience? You are getting expensive food and paying obscenely or you are cooking food as per your choice. If you are ordering your food from a hotel, then you are confined with the menu of a hotel;and if you are cooking on your own, then you can serve it as per your mood.