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Hotels Media City Salford Quays

If you believe there are better Hotels to stay in Manchester. You are right! Quay Hotels Salford Quays is second to none Serviced Apartment Hotel which offers all the modern amenities, well-furnished interiors, courteous staff, 24*7 security, parking facilities, in-house kitchenette, mini coffee and snack bar and more.  So, if you are on your business trip, you can make your reservation with us and get assured of the quality services. We have a beautiful property to offer you and your presence makes it a beautiful place.

Hotels Media City Salford Quays
Best Hotels Media City Salford Quays

Home is the nicest word because it unites you with your family. Don’t be disheartened or taken down when you are away from your family. While staying with us, you feel sheltered and cuddled up because our hospitable staff will make you feel wonderful and out of this world. Your stay with us will be extremely enjoyable and impressive. Go out; meet people, chill out in the city and come back to our accommodation for a relaxing and rejuvenating spa. The free Wi-Fi makes all the important professional tasks easier and you can complete them with promptness. You can enjoy a great time for relaxation and ease off.


Planning a stay at Quay Hotels Salford Quays, you can easily balance your work and personal life. This is because our hospitable staff is always ready to assist you in the best possible way. Not only this, but you can experience a special and distinctive dining experience at the restaurant. When tired after long working hours you may use your own sweet coffee bar to make tea or coffee. Well, you can invite us too. We won’t mind. Always remember, we at Hotels Salford Quays, believe in offering the best services and add on something much better. You will feel alive here as this place has so much of love, coziness, comfort and security for you.

The stylish rooms definitely catch your eyes and beds are dressed in amazing linens that will surely give you comfort, peacefulness and act as a bed of roses. The bathroom features all new things and a rain shower will just make you feel cool and soothing enough to start your day or sleep at night.

If planning to visit with your family, this property will always flashback once you leave from here. Good things happen when you spend time with your family and great things happen when you all spend time with us.

Hence, it’s time to just pick the phone, make a call to us and our customer service team will assist you with the best accommodation and customized package. It’s time that you should start planning your next stay at Quays Hotels Salford Quays. For more information please contact us on 0161 791 4766 or visit: