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How Serviced Apartments or Aparthotels Could be One Man’s Dream And Another’s Nightmare

Over the years, the demand of serviced apartments has augmented manifolds and service apartments have become one of the best choices for people to opt when they are on a budget travel. Having said that, not every person may like the option of staying in a service apartment! We all know that a service apartment is a place where a person has the benefit of living in a home atmosphere. Service apartments give all the benefits of living in a house where you can go ahead and cook your own food and live a life just the way you would want to. When it comes to any official trip, a short term stay may be feasible in a hotel; however, for those professionals, who have to live in a city for a longer period of time, the next best thing is to rent a place, which would be a serviced apartment. As the old saying goes, “one man’s food is another man’s poison”; the same is applicable when it comes to serviced apartments, one man’s dream might be another’s nightmare.”

Benefits Bundle of Staying in a Service Apartment

  • In comparison with the hotels, service apartments are a lot cheaper when you look at the daily rates that are applicable. It goes without saying that we all would love to find a way to save our money, especially when we are staying in a different city.
  • The size of the apartment is generally a decent one. Depending on the kind of service apartment you choose, you still have the basic options like a big bathroom, a kitchen and a hall. The only difference lies in the fact that the rates will vary based on the kind of service apartment you choose.
  • For a longer duration, you can get a really good deal as well as there are various kinds of packages and discounts that are offered. This will be beneficial for those who travel a lot or even for corporate agencies that send their people out of the city often for work related tours, meetings etc.
  • You have the benefit of conducting your meetings in the apartment itself. However, there are also some service apartments that have a business meeting room, conference room and other such facilities that cater to these corporate requirements.

Reasons Why Service Apartments Might Not Be a Choice for Some

  • While there is a benefit of staying in a service apartment; not everyone may like the thought to go ahead with it and stay in a service apartment. The preference of staying in a service apartment is purely depends on an individual’s choice. Let us look at the possible reasons why it may not be a choice for some.
  • For business people or professionals, who have hectic schedules, coming back to a place where you have to do all the work by yourself may not be a suitable choice, considering how tired and stressed out you can get. When you stay in a serviced apartment, and especially, if you have diet restrictions, it can be become really hectic to come and do things on your own. Not all serviced apartments have the benefit of providing you with a cook at an additional charge.
  • There are also times when serviced apartments may not live up to the various promises that it has made. For example, the facilities or amenities that were promised are either not functional, or in some cases, may not be up to the mark compared to what was seen in the pictures. It can create a really negative impact on the clients’ minds, due to which, a lot of people may not prefer service apartments in future after having one such bad experience.
  • Sometimes, service apartments may not have enough staff to help around or even, at times; it may also be that the customer service that is provided is not as good as it was promised. This is also one of the reasons why some people do not prefer living in a service apartment. This can also become a matter of concern especially since you are out of the comfort of your own city. Some people may not really let this affect them. However, for some, this can be an issue.
  • Another reason why some people may not prefer a service apartment is due to some previous experience. For example, the apartments were not that clean or well-maintained; the amenities that were offered may not be up to the mark etc. It can also be due to the fact that personal hygiene level of the people working in the place may not be that good.
  • Another reason why people may not prefer a service apartment is because of the fact that for any additional service, there is an additional charge. For example, if you want to use the gym, not all service apartments include that facility in their rates; there is a chance that you would have to pay for these sorts of facilities separately.