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Luxury Service Apartment

“Luxury Service Apartment” Is a Home That You Can Hire Without a Long-Term Rent Agreement”

“Sweet are the uses of recession”, great dramatist William Shakespeare’s words are timeless. In the year 2008, residential real estate of UK saw a sharp decline in the prices. This adversity of market gave rise to a new culture of “Luxury Service Apartment”. “Luxury service apartments” in UK are giving a tough run to the hotels. For instance, if we take the example of “Manchester” then we find that “luxury service apartments” are delivering better in comparison with “Star Category hotels” in the vicinity.

Aparthotels Manchester Real Estate Investors Created This Paradise for Business & Leisure Travelers Most of these “Luxury service apartments” were designed for the nestled and well-to-do couples seeking higher standards of living. It was the time when real estate was on a boom and developers were working on the theme of “the place where you come back”. They were marketing their punch lines like “Lifelong seven star amenities in your house” etc. In order to woo the customers and giving them value for the inflated prices, they were adding all sorts of amenities that you get in a “Star category hotel”.

Real Estate Bubble Blasted and Created a Boom for the Tourism Industry

When we get into the basic principle of “Luxury service apartments,” then the closest example may be of regular “holiday homes”. It is an improved version of “Holiday homes” where you can get some amazing hotel-like services at an amazing price. Just like “Holiday homes,” you can hire them as per your choice. You can go for long-term packages; you can even fix your own “check-in” and “checkout” timings. You can also enjoy this flexibility when you avail certain services.

Hotels Try to Mint You; “Luxury Service Apartments” Try to Comfort You

Most of the hotels thrive more on “walk-in clients”; now we all know that every “walk-in client” pays based on “opportunity pricing”. When you book a room well in advance, then in this case, they try to mint you with some additional services like food, laundry and other special demands. You end up paying inflated rates because you have no other option available.

Feel Like the Master of the House

“Luxury service apartments,” on the other hand, give you this liberty to avail services as per your choice. If you want to cook for yourself, then you are at home and kitchen is ready for you to explore the cook inside you. If you are looking forward for laundry services, then again,washing machine and iron is at your disposal. You can bring in your own beverages and stock them in the fridge. These are small tokens of comfort that your pocket can enjoy and you will feel relieved of that pinch that hotel is minting you.