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“Serviced Apartments” Are “Luxury Apartments”

What is the definition of luxury? What are the criteria that a service should complete in order to win this “much-coveted tag” of ‘luxury’? We are sure that nobody has clear answers to these questions. Every answer can raise a new debate here. There are no fix standards for it.

Luxury Is Nothing but an Adjective

In late 70’s, marketing firms were seeking some fancy words in order to create a differentiation for their products. The word “Luxury” was tossed up then. It was a kind of tag attached to some new products. With a passage of time; it became a buzzword for some expensive services. Since then, it became synonymous with services that are a little better from the regular lot and obscenely expensive in comparison with the regular stuff.

Yesteryear Luxury Is the Utility for Current Times

Air conditioning, electricity, LPG, bullet train, and even luxury suites of various hotels have now become more like the utility things in the current times. Now imagine people paying five times of price for the same in past just because these services were in nascent stages and short in supply.

“Luxury Apartment” Can Be a Highly Priced “Serviced Apartment

After checking and comparing more than two hundred “luxury apartments” with “serviced apartments” in various tourism destinations; we reached on the conclusion that, in most of the cases, the word luxury is a cover up for the entire package. “Service apartments” give you this feasibility to use services as per your choice, whereas “luxury apartments” include them in the main course.

“Luxury Apartments” Are “High-End Serviced Apartments”

We were searching out for the differences between “Luxury apartments” and “serviced apartments”. However, here we figured out similarities between the two. Our observations forced the conclusive line that Luxury apartments are nothing but “high-end service apartments”.

It Is Always Better to Choose a “Serviced Apartment” in Place of a “Luxury Apartment” Suppose you are searching it out in any particular area of Manchester city of UK. Here you find a “serviced apartment” in any particular area and right next to it; you have an option in the form of a “Luxury apartment”. If you want to justify this luxury apartment then here we have a tool ready for you.

Comparison Checklist Can Act As a Handy Tool

Make a list of all the amenities and the facilities that are attached to a “Serviced apartment”. Here we are talking about things like Microwave Owen, Video library, book library, Internet facility, facility to make international calls. Spa attached to the main property of the apartment, Gym attached to the main property of the apartment. Food & catering services etc! Once you are done with this list, then match it with the amenities available in the luxury apartment. Once it is done, then calculate the price; we are sure that here you will understand the trick and opt for a serviced apartment because it is a flexible choice.

Review the Services and Then Pay

When you hire a luxury apartment, then you are bound to pay for the entire package, no matter you are happy with them or not. On the other hand, when you opt for a serviced apartment, then in this case, you are a master of your choice. The ball is in your court! If you do not like any service then you can discontinue with it and go out for a better option.

Well Furnished Never Means “Luxury Apartment”

Expensive interiors and exotic furniture do not create a “Luxury apartment”. Luxury is all about the standard of the services that you are availing in any particular place. If you want to judge the worth of a “Luxury apartment,” then, do not go by snap shots. Ask them about the availability of room services. Make an inquiry about the cuisines that are available. Compare their services with star category hotels. Then make a judgment about them. This is the correct way of assessing the worth of a “Luxury apartment”.

Smell a Genuine “Luxury Apartment”

We are not discarding genuine “Luxury apartments;” they are very much there. Here, we are warning you against some fake owners playing marketing pranks on you. Hire a genuine pent house with a glass roof where water is sprawling all the time then avail it and add new colors in to your romantic interludes, it is fine, and there is nothing wrong in that, as it deserves the price. As the concluding remark, we would like to tell you that it is better to recheck your options all over again when you are lured by a “Luxury apartment”. Try to check out the prices and make sure that the tag of “luxury apartment” is not a ploy for inflating the price of the property.

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