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Budget Hotels in Newport

Top Budget Hotels in Newport Why Stay In Quay Budget Hotel Instead of a Luxury Hotel

Your boss just asked you to visit the business’s new branch in Newport and you are worried about the accommodations. You are supposed to stay in the city for 3 months and apart from the accommodation, the company is paying all the other expenses. An opportunity such as this comes once in a lifetime. Don’t let it slip! You are probably wondering if a hotel stay will definitely make you go bankrupt. Don’t worry because we have got the perfect solution for you at Quay Budget Hotels in Newport

These are serviced apartments that offer you every facility and amenity that a hotel does but at a lower price. Think of it as a “home away from home” because these apartments are pretty comfortable.

The Quay budget hotel is located at Clarence Place Newport NP19 7AA offers you various benefits. We have divided them for your ease so you can understand why Quay serviced budget apartments & apart-hotels are such a great accommodation option:

Attraction Sights

The Riverfront Theatre and Arts Centre

First up is the Riverfront Theatre & Arts Centre which offers you a pretty amazing art collection. The theatre hosts around 180 professional performances, more than 500 workshops, and around 200 film screenings. On your day off from work, you can pretty much spend your entire day here and then enjoy a late night dinner at any of the open restaurants on the riverfront.

The Escape Rooms

Are you in the mood to spend some fun time with your new colleagues? We have a great idea: bring your friends over to The Escape Room and lock yourself up just to find your way out in 60 minutes. This is an amazing game that builds team rapport when you try to complete puzzles, decipher clues and find the hidden keys.

The Carpenters

This pub is said to be the best pub in Newport. If you want to enjoy some local drinks with your buddies, then head over here. The atmosphere is quite warm and the service is very friendly. They are known for their ambiance and drinks, which is a combination that you will need after working all day on the projects.

Why Choose Quay Aparthotels in Newport

While we have already discussed that the QuayAparthotels Budget Hotels in Newport offers you affordable accommodation, there are a few other benefits you need to know about:

Value for Money

Apart from being very cost effective, serviced apartments also offer discount rates. If you are renting the apartment for more than a week, then the charges are less. Moreover, if you stay in the apartment for more than a month, the VAT charge drops significantly.

Private and Secure

In service apartments, maid service is usually provided once a week. You can have complete privacy in the apartment by making your own meals in the kitchen. Plus, there’s 24/7 security surveillance, so you don’t have to worry about anyone breaking into your place.

Ideal Location

Nowadays, a trend has begun of staying at serviced apartments. The Quay budget Aparthotels Newport is ideally located to provide you ease in commute. Moreover, with Quay Aparthotels you have access to great shopping opportunities, best restaurants, and amazing attractions.

So, now you know why staying at Quay Aparthotels in Newport is a better and more comfortable stay option. For more information contact us on 0163 338 6619


What sets Quay Budget Hotel apart from luxury hotels in Newport?

Quay Budget Hotel offers affordability without compromising on comfort, providing essential amenities and a convenient stay at a budget-friendly rate compared to luxury hotels.

Are the amenities at Quay Budget Hotel comparable to those at luxury hotels in Newport?

While luxury hotels may offer more extravagant amenities, Quay Budget Hotel ensures essential comforts such as clean accommodations, Wi-Fi, and convenient facilities suitable for budget-conscious travelers.

Can I expect personalized services at Quay Budget Hotel similar to those at luxury hotels in Newport?

Quay Budget Hotel focuses on providing a comfortable stay with essential services but may not offer the personalized experience found in luxury hotels.

How do the rates at Quay Budget Hotel compare to luxury hotels in Newport?

Quay Budget Hotel offers competitive rates, making it an affordable option for travelers seeking value without the higher costs associated with luxury accommodations.

Are family stays or larger groups accommodated at Quay Budget Hotel in Newport?

Quay Budget Hotel caters to various stay lengths and may offer room configurations suitable for families or larger groups, providing basic comfort within budget constraints.

Can I anticipate a comparable level of cleanliness and comfort at Quay Budget Hotel as in luxury hotels in Newport?

Quay Budget Hotel maintains a commitment to cleanliness and provides basic comfort; however, the level of luxury and extensive services may differ from high-end hotels in Newport.