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Quay apartments offer insights as to why Manchester is better than London?

People from all over the world visit Manchester for various reasons, therefore all of them try look for best accommodation or hotel deals that suit to them in terms of pricing and comfort. Quay apartments offer insight as to why Manchester is better than London.

There is a number of good reasons why you should choose Manchester over London, you may be university student or a working professional or may be someone aboard heading towards United Kingdom. So let’s give you some concrete reason as to why Manchester is reasonably better place to live, work and study than London. Following factors are the defining factors to consider

Area of the city

As Manchester is not that big as compare to London or New York, but it has got all the major attractions or perks. All the areas in Manchester got something to offer, in some area you don’t need bus or taxis you just walk down from one place to another without being tired. For example if you are in a mood to walk then city centre is the right place to roam around where you can cover one place to another in a short span of time.

Less expensive

Manchester is significantly cheaper than London when it comes to residential accommodation; generally prices are here 40% cheaper than London.

Public Transport

Manchester has one of the busiest bus routes in Europe; therefore you will never have to wait for so long for bus or tram to arrive.

Culture& Sports

Manchester is known to be multiculturalsocietyconsisting of people from different parts of world. Community is always supportive to each other. Many UK’s best musical bands are originally from Manchester such as The Smiths, Doves, Happy Mondays and Joy Division. Manchester is also called sports city we are the home to two big clubs and also home to UK cycling, as a result was ranked the 5th position in the world after London, Sydney, Melbourne and New York.


Manchester has largest student population in Europe and has four universities that too having worldwide recognition, with low cost living and good job prospects and quality of life makes Manchester a great place to live and work.


Manchester has hub for big media houses, BBC moved to Manchester and therefore brought many jobs and media people in the city, Salford Quays is one of the attraction as a result of big media houses such as BBC and ITV.